ArKaos VJ DMX 3.6

Control and manage all DMX-compatible equipment
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3.6.1 FC2 (See all)
ArKaos s.a.

Access and work with DMX consoles and other devices. Integrate video content into multimedia presentations, light shows, theater equipment setups, etc. Select and control the playback of multiple video loops in different resolutions, add over 100 real-time effects.

ArKaos VJ DMX can be controlled with small or hi-end DMX consoles and allows a smooth integration of videos into light shows, theater and performances. it will enable you set up outstanding video shows in a matter of seconds. Build a full performance using only a few simple video loops from your hard drive, mixing and altering them using more than 100 real-time effects.

Main ArKaos VJ features:
* Hardware Accelerated video engine (HW Mode)
* More than 60 totally customizable effects in Standard Mode, 40+ effects in HW Mode
* Core Image support (Mac OS X 10.4 and above only)
* Support for additional FreeFrame effects (comes with 42 effects pre-loaded)
* Allows any MIDI keyboard or device to control images, movies and effects
* Supports still images, video loops and flash animations
* Support for full video streaming of camera (USB, FireWire…)
* Enables full-screen usage for events, e.g. concerts, presentations
* Multiscreen or widescreen projection with Soft-Edge from a single computer
* Built-in recorder to create visual remixes
* Direct DV output through FireWire
* Multiple keyboard mapping to trigger images and effects
* Powerful automatic beat-matching technology
* Unlimited number of simultaneous video layers, sophisticated Transfer modes
* DMX Fixture mode
* Compatible with the MSEX open protocol allowing on most lighting desks to see the file names and thumbnails of your visuals and monitor the output directly from the lighting desk
* MIDI latch on/off for live performances
* Remote Patch selection
* Automatic Fade option
* High optimization for fast frame rate
* Engine integrable with any MIDI sequencer (OMS, ReWire, ...)
* Advanced Movie Loop Control to change the way a movie is played, enabling:
* Movie synchronization to BPM
* Forward / backward playback with constant or MIDI-controlled speed or through BPM sync
* Selection of a loop within the movie
* Definition of the looping zone using MIDI controllers
* Two different random looping modes: with or without BPM sync
* Video For Windows & DirectShow support on the PC's: .avi -including DivX- .mpg .mpeg .asf and .wmv files
* Overlay display support on the PC's: with two monitors, you can switch to another application without shutting down ArKaos' full screen mode
* Multi-lingual: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

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